Charles Patnett offers unprecedented level of contemporary yet classic elegance. ”

Charles Patnett

is a brand for modern men with style. Every piece has been finely tailored, using premium quality materials to create top notch apparel that enhances style and sophistication. The offerings include shirts, jackets, trousers, neckties, pocket squares, and cuff links. Each item has a distinctive style that reflects the British and Italian gentleman character, in Charles Patnett’s way.

Charles Patnett caters to urban young men who want quality clothes for formal occasions and casual days.

The brand offers a British and Italian charm through carefully selected materials, the same quality as luxury brands, tailored by highly skilled masters in a bespoke manner.
Every piece has a character and adds a unique style to the person who wears it.

Using British and Italian clothing patterns and silhouettes, considered as the best in the world in terms of quality and style, Charles Patnett uses premium fabrics from Italy and the UK, such as 100s cotton, to give the clothes a structured look, a comfortable feel, and an elegant style.

The brand offers both ready-to-wear items and bespoke services for more individuality. Experienced staff will assist the customers to choose the best design, fabrics, colours, and every single detail, from the collar to the buttons, to create a piece that perfectly suits each person.

From formal suit jackets to casual shirts and blazers, from party clothes to tuxedoes special occasions, Charles Patnett has it all. The brand also features accessories such as neckties, pocket squares, and cuff links to complete the look. The highlight is, the store has a stylist to offer fashion tips such as colour matching, or choosing the right socks and shoes for the outfit, to make dressing up easier for the gentlemen.