Charles Patnett offers unprecedented level of contemporary yet classic elegance. ”

Charles Patnett always provide the finest quality and unique fabrics to satisfy our customer. ”

Tailoring suit for Modern Gentlemen

Bespoke is one of the most traditional of style world. In the tailoring tradition, the experience of bespoke (Su Misura) suit and shirt is the summit of exclusivity that customer can be experienced. The starting point and most important thing for our bespoke tailoring is the pattern, which the tailor creates from customer’s measurements.

The pattern is the ultimate blueprint for the suit or shirt. To guarantee a perfect fit, a bespoke tailor develops an individual pattern for each customer, this is the only way to make sure that every detail of a particular customer’s figure can be taken into account.

However, getting the correct measurements for the cut does not mean that the fit will reach its perfection, which is why fittings are required to complete this complex task.
At Charles Patnett, we realise that the feeling one gets wearing a fitted dress goes beyond more comfort.
It has the flavor of uniqueness and power.

Bespoke shirt

Shirt is the item of clothing that is tailored to customer’s body, the fabric can be felt directly on the skin. At Charles Patnett, we understand that a good bespoke shirt create confidence since it is the foundation of a gentlemen’s style, having an excellent foundation is the key to perfect appearance. That is why, we will seek to eliminate or at least minimise the creases that such variations in customer’s figure would cause and adapted to any quirks of the particular figure.

Charles Patnett offers finest quality fabrics from world renown manufacturers to create a perfect shirt for modern gentlemen.